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KEMADRINprocyclidine hydrochlorideis indicated in the treatment of parkinsonism including the postencephaliticarterioscleroticand idiopathic typesPartial control of the parkinsonism symptoms is the usual therapeutic accomplishmentProcyclidine hydrochloride is usually more efficacious in the relief of rigidity than tremorbut tremorfatigueweaknessand sluggishness are frequently beneficially influencedIt can be substituted for all the previous medications in mild and moderate casesFor the control of more severe casesother drugs may be added to procyclidine therapy as indications warrant.

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Occasionally a patient is encountered who cannot tolerate a bedtime dose of the drugIn such cases it may be desirable to adjust dosage so that the bedtime dose is omitted and the total daily requirement is administered in three equal daytime dosesIt is best administered during or after meals to minimize the development of side reactions.

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